Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Its like a science lab around here

well, kinda of.......

It feels like it because all I have been looking at is giant molecules around here.

Here are some pictures, without the fabric jackets. The wire frames all linked together just look like a mess of metal so just work with me. If you look at the ends you might see some of the bonds of structure.

Because of the size of the project it needs to be broken up in to about 6 large pieces that will be all welded once in doors of Hatfield's. If it doesn't fit out my door it won't fit in the door at Hatfield's.

Brie is running the fabric sweat shop where all the fabric covers are made. 22 hex end caps and 11 full jackets need to be made, with seamless attachment to the metal frame. The ends of each hex will be removable to service the lights inside them.

Here is a picture of the light fixture located in the middle of the Sucrose molecule. See the plans from an older post if you want to see where the Sucrose is located.

The last picture is the test of the velcro with a very nice 3M product placement. I am using the 3M  High 90 spray glue to attach the velcro. The adhesive backed velcro is so expesive, using very small zip ties and the spray glue is stronger and cheaper way to finish the project. 

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