Monday, December 7, 2009

a wonderful visit to Torelli bicycles

The other day I made a visit to see the crew at Torelli bicycles located in North Hollywood,CA.

Christian Feldhake a good friend of mine was hard at work so Brie and I thought we would take a self guided tour while he talked on the phone with a dealer. Todd  (the boss) was talking to dealers as well, making sure things are running smoothly for the holidays and every one is stocked up for the sales.

Check out some of the photos I took on my self guided tour.

Christian with a warm welcome to the TOP SECRET Torelli warehouse

Tons and tons of Torelli Tipo Uno bicycles

Here is a better picture of the box end
Great bike for the money!

Where all the BS goes down
By the looks of it, they live off of caffeine ONLY !

Cables and Cables and Cables of every color and size

Still waiting for him to get off of the phone!
The R&D dept. don't look to careful - Top Secret

The frame alignment table
Christian checks every frame that goes out the door on this table.
Every frame and fork will have gone thru 3 alignment check by the time a customer recieves it
Talk about quality control !

Only the highest quality Campy tools, any mistake at the final point could end in a expensive bike going in the trash.

Bar tape in every color and size known to man

$4,500 custom R&D lunch runners

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