Saturday, December 19, 2009

Over worked

Well, We have been finishing up the light and I started to finish weld it in Hatfields and attach all the hangers for the chain that will hold it. Everyone is excited and ready!

The beach cruzer project arrive from Olympic powdercoating the other day too. Its a crazy green color, I like it. Next stop will be the art show tomorrow in Hollywood. I will have pictures from it, Brie's track bike will be there too on display.

Back from Olympic

Close up of the Surly Drops and custom disc mount

Show dogs and Brie

The final set up and welding. The light needs to be turned counter clock wise so the hexs are on the sides.
I just have it turned on its side so I can weld it. You can start to see all the different levels they are on and the lights in some of them, the ones with the lights have velcro around them as well to hold the fabric covers on.

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