Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweat Shop in Downtown LA

That title applies to about every business located downtown LA so to fit the bill we decided to make my shop in to a sweat shop. Brie and I have been slaving over this project. This is one of my bigger projects in scale, I have done on my own.

We have been working 24/7 getting the light ready for Hatfield's ( check my old posts for more project details)

Between the sound of a sewing machine running non stop making fabric covers for the Hexs, you will hear the raw noise of a welder and grinders running building the frame work for the light...........

I havn't had much time to post much but here is some pictures before we get the light up in the air maybe tomorrow at Hatfields. I am excited to get the light out of my shop, its about the height and length of a dump truck. About 20 feet by 14 feet high, but only 6 feet wide. With 11 lights inside, over 50 yards of fabric, over 500 welds, over 100 yards of Velcro, 1000 feet of steel and A LOT OF TIME !!!!

I am close to sending the bill for this one.....................   GET READY 

With over 500 welds - Mig welding was the only choice
Quick and clean

Here is where it will hang
All the stuff in the center is gone now, just a big open room

Some times when you are short you use a booster seat
The biggest and most used book in the shop

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