Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to work ~ !

Well, I hope everyone's holidays were great. It monday and time to start work again, the partying is done.

I tried to do all the welding on the high speed downhill bike on New Years day, which was a bad idea. It turned out ok but I wish I could have really tore it up and put down some of my top notch looking welds. I had to take a break mid-day because I felt so sick from the new years partying....... Long story short, there is a reason they give you the 1st off - they know nothing productive is going to get done.

Here are the welds from the headtube, because of the super small headtube, I made sure to put down a little bigger sized welds then I would put down on a normal sized headtube.

The tail on the speed bike is going to be none other then a hip 1970s light. I took the guts out of the light and kept only the cool alunium shell. It just makes life simple for me so I don't need to make some hand rolled aluminum tail. You can kinda see the cut lines on it, I won't keep most of the light, only the part with the #5 on it.

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