Thursday, January 7, 2010


Beside making custom motorcycle handlebars, I managed to escape the shop today and drive to Fairing.

The place is where most small bicycle frame builders order their special tubes and weld on goodies to build frames. The project at hand this week is to design bicycle guru Jeff Thrasher a cool custom ride. I like to go out to Fairing to pick out bicycle specific tubes sometimes before I start to really design a frame, because I kind of have an idea what I can work with. I will lay out some sketches of my ideas in a day or so.

I need to get done with these handlebars for this motorcycle, its crazy that people still come to me and ask me to build Exile style stuff. I worked at Exile Cycles years ago and that was what brought me to California. Russell Mitchell helped me and made sure to get me in front of the camera while we did a bunch of tv shows for Discovery Channel, TLC and Speed Channel.  It was crazy being a young kid getting thrown in front of a camera, building these handlebars kinda gave me a flash back to the good old days, years back and how much I really didn't like making these style of bars for various reason.......

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