Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Between working on Jeff's bike and helping Goose on some movie props, I have started my first week of Culinary school.

Soon I will be a crazy knife slinging ninja able to dice a carrot in to a million pieces.

The real goal is to learn a new skill and possibly cross pollinate some of my knowledge with metal working with my new skills in the kitchen and help possibly develop new tools and uses for things in the kitchen. We will see, its a lot of work but now is the time to do it. At a whopping $26 dollars a unit its hard to beat the schools in California, even if you need to sit next to some crazy poverty stricken person.

Check it in the next weeks, I might throw down some stuff and take some pictures of it.

I will post some pictures of the project for Goose and Jeff's bike maybe later today.

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