Friday, February 12, 2010

USA made

Well, I just wanted to make a quick post about how HARD it is to find anything made in the USA.  I have been looking for a knife set for school and if I am going to get a good set and spend some money on it, I want it to be made in the USA.

Check these bad boys out - I think this is the one I am going with.....

Warther Cutlery makes some really cool knives and check out the design, its all engine turned.

It makes me sad to see all these companies that say MADE in the USA only to find out they only put 2 rivets in the handle and put it in a box. The blade is made in Japan and the handle is made in China and so are the rivets. In the end, an assembly person spends 30 seconds to put in 2 rivets making it MADE IN AMERICA. That is all BS.

I like to see companies like Warthers who are still stamping out every part in the USA and proud to say it !!

Thats Mr Ernest Warther making knives.

The video is Bob Kramer making knives - he is booked for over a year wait on a single knife

Bobs stuff is so in demand, it is crazy to see the processes and tools used to make knives

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