Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Talisman tattoo machines

After a bunch of emails about the welding video I posted a while back, I totally forgot about posting up any pictures of the finished tattoo machines. 

The machines are a mix of all kinds of peoples talents from Aries Rhysing who is a top talent in the tattooing industry to top designers like my brother Jason Tiedeken who took the ideas from Aries and threw some of his design ideas on it to create one hell of a cool looking and performing  machines.

I just do the welding on the project, they come in all cut and cleaned from the laser cutter, making them ready to weld and perfect everytime. The designs are always changing largely due to the amount of R&D that goes in to the test/prototype machines, it seems like everytime I figure out how to weld something really really fast and well, they change the design and then we start over, at least it seems to become easier every time.

Check it out  talisman tattoo machines -  MADE IN THE USA

I weld the vertical spring perch where it has the 90 deg bend, that is 2 pieces welded together
every piece has to be almost perfect for the machine to run proper.

everyone of the washers is micro stainless welded - boxes and boxes of them :( they suck

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