Tuesday, February 23, 2010

San Diego Custom bicycle show

Well, year 2 of the San Diego Custom Bicycle show is coming up and I will be there. Its a really cool show and it doesn't get to crazy, plus its only an hour and a half down the road from me. Last year was a lot of fun except for the flat tires I got in a weird area of town at 4 am while night riding!

I think I am going to bring the

-  The big Penny Farthing bike
-   the speed downhill bike
-   Jeffs machine
-   Brie's hot rod and maybe the Unicycle I am working on.

Its a rad show so I invite everyone that wants to go to check it out and come drink some beers with us

I want to step it up for the show and build a rad display but I am guessing that will be last minute like normal.

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