Saturday, February 13, 2010

Top Secret


Its finished and is being used for filming today so I think I can show a quick picture of what I have been working on, everyone keeps asking.

The great part about Hollywood - I have been luckey to get to build some really neat stuff as props from everything from a pile of junk in the back ground to an prototype air stunt ramp that throws Jackie Chan 40 feet across a stage. The air ramp has been my brother and I's best product for the movie industry but because of the level of engineering involved in it and the secrets inside it, you won't be seeing the guts.

Here is a teaser video of me in very early testing using our prototype air ramp, all testing and development was assisted by the best stunt names in Hollywood.

Ok Ok, sorry a bit off of topic there....

So the project for the last few days other then my Culinary classes was to build a self operated gun. The quick idea behind the movie as I have been told is - The setting is like 2040 and the main role has found out how to make and use this crazy drug he developed but the catch is the best way for him to use the drug is injecting it in to his eye. So this is where the gun comes in.....

1. Fill the test tubes located on the top of the gun with the liquid drug.
2.You hold the gun to your eye with the brass end under your lower eyelid.
3. with your trigger finger pull the trigger and open your top eye lid.
4. Next you push your thumb to operate the bolt action and release the liquid, shooting your eye with a crazy 304 stainless needle injecting drug.
5. watch the test tube drug level drop
and so on and so on.

You get the point - The gun will be used on a fake head of the actors, I feel good about my work but no matter what, you can't replace an eye.

Check it and enjoy - these photos were taken when the gun was almost done, its got more details but this is the guns core elements. It took a lot longer to make then expected because I made every part by hand starting with a stack of brass bars, aluminum plate and rods, I think I used about 3 parts total that I didn't make myself, all rushed in about 2 and a half days

this is the eye lid lifter

Triggers for lifting the lid and the bolt action

when it was done it looked like a nice looking spray gun, ha ha
Oh the power of Hollywood and its money

Right side with all the sliding pieces and the drain tubes

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