Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welding Class

When I was about 10 or 11 years old, (Some that know me are laughing because they know my age and are saying that was like a few years ago) but my dad fired up the old carbon stack ARC Stick welder and it was ON!

 With a welding mask that had a broken glass and covered in slag, I struck my first ARC and jumped. A bit confused on the concept, it seemed to go really move smoothly as opposed to the scary look of  welding with all the flying sparks and loud noise.

Every so often I get a chance to pass on my knowledge and return the favor. I hope that someone someday has as much of a love for welding as I do and becomes better then me so that I can just sit back and let someone do my work for me, I will do the money part of things. Don't worry, you will still get paid sometimes.

I got to pass on my quick skills the other day to Brie's little brother Justice who is 11 years old. Kinda cool to see how kids soak up stuff like that, teaching adults is like pulling teeth sometimes, everyone knows how to do it already but they need me to give them a brush up lesson because they forgot how to do it, ha ha yea right.

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