Wednesday, April 7, 2010

prototype bike racks

I was asked a while back from a friend Jim to design and build bike racks for a new bike shop opening in Santa Barbra,CA called " Cranky's Bike Shop", we knew the time line was going to be short and that it needed to be dead nuts on, the first time.

 I designed about 30 different styles of racks and wasn't really feeling any of them, so the night before we were going to meet up with Jim and lock down all the designs, I threw it all out and started designing a kinda fresh design based off window blinds and the way they moved; how they could all be connected to all sync together or could be moved one by one based on the users choices.

A modular cantilever style rack that offers the bike shop to change the layout of the bikes and make it so easy that it could change the racks even with the changes of the sun. Loosen the two bolts and pull out the rack once you sell a bike, so that your bike shop never looks empty.

The next deal was to get the go ahead and start building all 50 them.

The bike shop "Cranky's " will use the full adjustable racking system.
The wheel trays are a reclaimed roof from a building downtown LA 

almost 200 of these brackets are on the wall 
That will offer millions of different combos of shop layouts

Stacks of them, these are just the bike holders 
I didn't take any pictures of the frame, clothing and wheel holders

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