Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chariot build day 2

I haven't put to much time in to the project maybe 5 hours now, my goal was one day of work but now I am on a second day.....

either way, I want to make sure that it goes out the door and goes out the door with some style.

So now you get the point minus the 26" wheels
The tube that hooks to the bike isn't attached to the chariot yet, its sitting really high being held by the PARK stand, just for photos

Since she can pedal it, it needed a Bottom Bracket
But.... I figured down the road it may be used without the BB so its removable
Note for the Techies - its a 68mm!!! ha ha

Score of the day!!!
$20 replacement Aluminum hitch from REI off a tag-along bike
I couldn't have made anything look that good for 20 bucks.

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