Monday, August 16, 2010

Monkey Likes Shiny Tribute pedals

Well, once years and years back when I was a young lad, I ran in to a person by the name of Erik Noren, a welder for the company Croll bicycles in Minneapolis. Who later started working for Quality bike (QBP), this was about the time my brother was working at Quality. Erik decided one day to start up a company on the side called Peacock Groove where he used is connections of Quality and his skills learned working with the legand builder Walter Croll and try his hand at his own business.
From bike #1 the good old black monster with hand carved skulls over all the exposed tube ends, I decided to build a set of pedals that copied that same skull. I started making them way way back about maybe 6 or 7 years ago but really never got to pumped about making them until a friendly machine shop decided to make them for me.
 My brother got me on to the idea of using the Igis composite bearings which are really just crazy composite plastic bushings that that pedal axle rides on with no moving parts, plus it reduces the thickness of the body and drops some weight, this also allowed for me to make the axle bigger and stronger without making the pedal thicker. I am almost done building them, just a few more little things to finish like threading the titanium axles and some simple machine work on the 7071 aluminum bodies.

stack of the Monkey Likes Shiny Tribute pedals
They allow toe straps but only single straps

Over all I think Erik needs a tribue pedal because he is one of the few bicycle frame builders still making it thru the slow times, even though he switched to Hamms and Ramen noodles as his only meal of the day.
Cheers Erik !

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