Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nice Rack !!!

Well, after last nights Chariot crash and a sore chest from laughing so much. I decided to start the day late and do a fun little afternoon project I could finish by 6 pm.

Brie's little Prototype SS Nina on the messy table ready for some fun.

My goal - Build a sick rack for my girl friend Brie's bike, because she works as a bicycle courier in San Fran, she often gets the call at 1 am for a solid cube of Natural Ice beer delivered to a party ASAP or the more common $150 dollar order of Chinese food to a house party. During the day she is doing legal paper work deliveries and light work and the basket isn't as needed that much.

Saturday morning she recieved a call for a load of coffee ( 6 large cups and other baked goods ) to a bed and breakfast, I happened to be there with her and seen how hard it is to make this certin delivery on time without the basket, so I decided I needed to make her a rack that would do everything from a bag of food all the way up to hauling a person if needed.

But like I always try to do it, make a quick easy job, a hard complex job by adding to much detail, so here we go, check it.........

done 4 hours later

Custom Koa Wood panels from Hawaii that Andrew at the shop cut for me ( he said its $$$)

OK you ready for this.......

So she can pick up normal orders like this because its got a 12"x12" load area
big enough for a good sized load
O yea and the shiny tubes are road bike handlebars from a 1970 Schwinn road bike ( perfect bends ! )
If she gets a huge order
The front extends out and can add an extra 9" to the front load area for light stuff.

well enjoy- I had a blast this afternoon building it, hope she enjoys it. 
4130 chromoly to the streets of San Fran !

"Courier #4 on Route! "

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