Saturday, September 11, 2010

Project Christmas - day 1

Fridays, I have off and don't have to weld and fab for Uncle Sam's Labs and Clorox. So today I decided to start a little project or maybe a larger sized one, of building my dad a bicycle for Christmas. shhhhhh..... Don't tell him, its a surprise, he won't find out...............

Long story short, every year I build my dad a bike and never give it to him because I fall in love with it or like last years cargo bike experience, I broke it in half in Hollywood from over loading it with about 500 pounds of building supplies. ( see my older post for the electric cargo bike ).

So this year I decided to start about the same time as every year, building my dad a bike, but this time I HAVE to give it to him..........

The plan.............

Well maybe I won't tell you, and just leave you to come back as I build it for the next few posts

sorry I didn't take many pictures while I was building, I was so pumped while I was building!!  I took a step back after 8 hours today from when I started and realized I didn't even take any pictures while I was building.

Building all this crazy robotic medical and aerospace concepts at work has me dialed in to fabricate faster then the camera can take pictures for the blog.....

Don't worry there is a lot more at come on this ride ....

yep thats Jim C's 29er coaster brake wheel

8 hours + Coffee and Mt. Dew
The Bastard Child of a 1940s Schwinn and a 29er mountain bike

4130 and enough room for the fatty in the rear
Theres some reasons for the weird frame layout, you will see later

the only picture I took today during fab, because I was so pumped up how easy this simple little magnet makes life, worked so well, I called StrongHand and asked for more!

 Its got an on and off switch, do I need to say more?

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