Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last night in the Werewolf den!

Well, I got a new pad located over in the big city of San Francisco !


Lets Party !!!!

1938 Schwinn New World out for a ride down the coast of San Francisco

back to the good old story of whats new in the shop..............

Its been busy building stuff for all kinds of projects and helping out around the area. Props goes to Jim C down in Santa Barbara (Recap of the film fest) for throwing a super rad bicycle film fest weekend for the first time in Santa Barbara. Everything went super smooth, the guys got the ducks in a row and the key to the city, Nice job Jim !

I started working on my Gravity Speed Bike fork, its kinda of a odd duck being a right sided aero fork, who knows yet ................ I put the Avid brake on the front of the fork as well so that I can make a neat little scoop to pull cool air to the caliper so it doesn't over heat, not that I will really use the brakes but why not.

Beside the forks, I started messing with the rear foot pegs. Because the bike doesn't pedal it really doesn't need a bottom brack but, when I was building the frame, I got so excited about it, I decided to put a bb on it just incase I ever wanted to make it a ridable bike. Here the info behind the cranks, don't be fooled, theres a bit of info about the layout.
because it doesn't have a chainring I decided to cut off the spider and make both crank arms look the same, by the way, I got these super nice cranks at the bicycle swap meet that Jim threw for the film fest last weekend. 20 buck !!

So by making some press fit stainless steel pieces that press in to where the pedal threads use to be I made it convert the right and left threads in to just normal 3/8-16 theads so I could bolt up some cool RSD motorcycle pegs on it. The neat part about making these little stainless steel inserts is that the crank arm side with the chainstay has the insert welded to the frame so that once you tighten the foot peg it locks the crank arm to the chainstay and creates a structural connection using the bottom bracket as the other connection point. Kinda a neat way to lock in the cranks arms as well so that on the left side the crank arm is just floating next to the wheel creating a very unattached look. well I am tired and I got a long day tomorrow of welding titanium rocket looking things for who know what and who so peace out.
Its super small behind the black peg but you can kinda see the little stainless bung that fixtures the crank arm to the frame.

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