Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday ...................

I did most of the welding on my dads frame today and took a break mid-day to relax and take out the 1938 Schwinn 6 day race bike down the harbor coast. I love riding that bike and nothing makes it better then 75 deg sunny and a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge!
the white Schwinn Madison & the 1938 Schwinn New World Track

I love the front end on this machine - all 1940s style with Wald bars
This beast was all hand fillet brazed with chromoly tube - not bad for 1938

I also started working on the downhill gravity speed bike. I was doing a group ride in San Fran last week and out on the route they have a section that is over 3 miles of downhill cornering and fresh tar road. It is SOOOOO cool to coast the whole way for miles, the goal of the group ride is to see who can coast the farthest at the end of the 3 miles. I did it on my 1938 Schwinn and I was almost at the point of breaking the coaster brake wheel because its so long and with the sharp corners you need to brake at some points.

the right side with the rear end
with Paul from Atomics 12 dollar banana seat
the left side without the rear end
its about the size of a bmx bike with 26 inch Crossmax Lefty wheels

I also kinda threw together the 1984 Schwinn Madison track bike ( rental bike at the Velo track in LA from the 1980s), this was a trade up from Jim C of Cranky's bike for making the new helmet racks. And since Jim has 2 more rental Madisons and I know Jeff from Bike Jerks has one, we should have a race of the rental Madisons. I have wanted a Madison for a while, because I am a Schwinn dude and this was one of the last hand welded Non-Paramounts to roll out of the Chicago Plant in the 1980s and they only made a bunch of them for a short few years.

good old Chicago......

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