Saturday, November 6, 2010

getting closer

well, its been a long few weeks and everyone at work has been hammering on concept projects and had family things coming up, so theres been a lot of extra weight on me to pull off the tasks during the day. Plus Monkey Likes Shiny was asked to design a very very big project for a major company, which has yes, I know, slowed down the posts on my blog and made everyone sad.

But I did some more work on the downhill gravity speed bike, including a tow hook with bar mounted quick release just like a glider airplane (photos coming soon) and got some more of the clip on bars and front end done. Thought I would take a pict of the roller since no one has got to see it with 2 wheels yet.

hope you enjoy........   theres a lot more to come with the all aluminum body and finishing up the bars and custom made banana seat out of aluminum I have been building during lunch at work.

there it is in a roller state with the Mavic Crossmax Lefty wheels

If you didn't notice I shave my beard to me more aero!

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