Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Canon Camera !!!

  Ok, check it kids -
 I got a sick new Canon
so here it goes on the wild streets of Berkeley,CA                                  

                                                        Gravity Speed downhill bike

Monkey Likes Shiny Gravity Speed bike
Mavic Lefty wheels and no drivetrain - pure coasting

close up of the non-frame side

Floating locked crank arm that now acts as a rear foot peg support
note the insert in the crank for the footpegs

front view of the mock up bars
the tow quick release, headlight and Iphone holder are next so stay tuned

Don't ask me why it won't rotate?
Cut down the Cane Creek headset as much as possible, they will be pumped that it has no logos!

Turn your head to the right!
Careful for your neck doesn't get sore!

                                   Cargo Bike -  Coker 36 inch Prototype design

Matt Ducot helping lace up the ELECTRIC Monster !!

Started making the rack!
Those are the sides you are looking at
They have 3 stop points
-  Flat narrow - like you see it, about 15 inches wide
Box with sides - Flip those up 90 deg vertical and they become sides
Super wide Flat - Flip those babies out flat and now it a wopping 24+ inches wide !

German - Just like me
Got boxes of them to build weird stuff with.
So cool and so fast
I drilled this one from a 36 hole to a 48 as you can see by the missing holes

maybe 29 x 36 inch
made a quick mock up fork with some boxxer triples and Jim C's stolden 29er coaster rear wheel
I kinda like the look but it cuts in to the rack a lot with the big 29er wheel as compaired to the 26

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  1. Really nice welds man! I love the bike. Thanks for posting pictures.