Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Santa Cruz.................

Kinda want to rail slide that in the background.
6AM Santa Cruz BMX mashing in the water.

So long story short......
It was a early thanksgiving for the good down in Santa Cruz so Matt, Lisa and I rolled the truck down there from Oakland. Everything went great and the food everyone cooked was good, other then the rain that day it was all going as planned. Later after everyone ate, the dancing started! Matt busted out some of his masterful Robot moves that took 4 years of college to dial in, while I just bounced around and got dizzy. Something wasn't feeling right and everyone else was starting to feel it too. What we didn't know was there was a large fire going under the house and it was sucking all the oxygen and filling the room with toxic fumes, but there was no smoke until the vent work melted and filled the house with smoke. Everyone got out and the fire dept. was so pumped to get to chainsaw the very nice hardwood floor to small bits as they climbed under the house to put out the fire. In the end it was an build error when the house was fixed in the early 1990s that lead to the fire.

got lots of photos but this one I kinda liked cause people still wanted to party while the fire dept battled flames 5 feet away.

And I got some sick Avid Elixer CR brakes this weekend and made some quick radial mounts to hook them up. I can almost count the days.......

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