Monday, February 21, 2011

A day at the circus ........

A while back while doing Nitro Circus for MTV, the location for the shoot was a old circus way out in the desert far from LA.
Really kinda weird and odd feeling because of how run down it was, but either way, made the most of it and did a rad shoot with my Penny Farthing I built about a year ago.

Peter at Cane Creek and Avid threw it down for this one.....
I didn't have the chains on it cause I didn't want Travis P to ride it and crash it before interbike.

this was a picture from an art show and it shows the chain drive better
The wheel is so big it needs split drives, unless your 8 feet tall your inseam is to small....
Now its on display at Jims Shop "Cranky's" in Santa Barbara,CA

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