Monday, March 7, 2011

Exile Cycles Rusty Machine

Something in my heart just won't let go yet of my job at Exile cycles no matter how much and hard I work on other projects.

My welds and work have become somewhat of a trademark of Exile and Russell wants to make sure his products are at the highest level by keeping me around. The main problem of the deal is I live in Oakland and Exile is located in Los Angeles about 6 hours drive south.  The is where the problem is, we have had to get creative.

Some of the most fun times I have had in the last 5 years have been because of Exile, traveling, TV shows  and meeting some of the biggest names in the world.

Exile motorcycles start at $50,000 dollars just to give you an idea of the market for the bikes and the faces you get to see.... Not uncommon to see a class A big name walking in the shop.
Yep thats me, a while back when we were shooting for Discovery Channel
Riding the Exile Brown Pearl to lunch

built this tank last week
Photo Credit to Random ( Blake)
Joe the ironworker hammered the Exile in it
and I made a custom gas cap thats the " i " with a pop up gas cap

Always on the road traveling for Exile and work....
Louise and I run thru a field of grass
Always wanted a photo like this, ha ha BFF 

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