Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life..... Flowing smooth......

Between moving in to the new shop, getting all the new machines in and getting ready to start a bunch of very high profile tech prototype jobs that I wasn't expecting. I am so stoked about all the new machines I bought, such as sheet metal machines and new mills and welder stuff.  Moving isn't easy, nor is it fun.

Josh was helping me move!
That mill was my Xmas gift to myself for notching tubes.
A mint 1941 K&T Horz. Milling machine

I have been making some crazy projects this last week for a medical company
This is the first time I have been involved in an FDA medical approval, crazy amount of work!

We tried to find a lady for him before his nuts got chopped off..
we hunted for a mini greyhound, ha ha, 2 days of dog parks with no finds
Now he's got no nuts, no lady and a big cone...

O yeah, I was my B-day the other day
@$ years old - ha ha its a secret

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