Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's day is coming up - Start building!

My dad kicks ass - Mad Fabricator

I decided to build something for my dad...

Couldn't really think of something...

The last 2 years I have built my dad customs bicycles only to them ending up at my house because they all were sized to big (some how my personal size ).. Then I tried a 1965 Fender guitar last year, which he seemed to like!

So I set the bar very high last year in gift giving, this year I can only go down in gift quality -

The Answer:

Because hes getting up there in age, why not build him a robot to help him with his daily tasks.

Just painted it, now I have to finish up his Titanium arm this week because he fell off the shelf and his clay arm broke, bummer.

If you are following the speed bike progress well your looking at some of the tubes...
Mark over at Paragon Machine Works works makes some nice stainless connectors

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