Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here we go...

Well, its time to start! This is going to be an odd ball so come along for the ride.

The idea concept came to me about a year ago after reading about "Mile a Minute Murphy" and his quest to ride a bike 60+ MPH in 1899 to promote the railroad, really the bike drafting off the rear of the train was just to get people to notice how fast and smooth the train could travel. They put down a lot of cash to build the 2 miles that Murphy would ride, a special straight section of track with smooth wood down the center for the bike to ride on.

The twist - develop a project that doubles that record and doubles everything used for the record, everyting from the design of the bike to the gear the rider uses.

I know your asking yourself " 120 mph on a bike !", its hard and so thats why we have a film crew!

So, I got on the phone with Peter Gilbert at Cane Creek and because everyone at Cane Creek is rad, they asked what do you need and how fast do you need it. Theres never been a project that Peter and his crew at Cane Creek have let me down on, there always seems to be wheels, headsets, shocks and stickers in the mail that day headed for my shop for my concept projects. I can't say a single bad thing about them or their products.

Next after locking in the parts I needed, was to go to the best design engineer I know - My brother Jason Tiedeken. The dude is off the chain when it comes to thinking outside the box and getting people to love it all. Hes got enough experience and education for a whole group of people plus why not have him design this machine, he is an engineer and my brother. Plus hes a hell of a bicycle designer.

A concept downhill project similar to the VPP of later years
 my brother Jason Tiedeken designed back in I believe 1999 or so
welded by Peacock Groove - Erik Noren in Mpls,MN

Ok, stop for a second because I am getting pumped posting this.

Ok, I am back

So the concept design made my jaw drop, something no one has ever seen, so different, so future, so sleek, so top secret I can't show you until its done. If any of the big dogs out there see this before its done you might see Lance's TT bike look a little different next year.
My new section of my shop devoted to welding bicycle frames
I seem to find my zen in this corner of the shop.
And for you kids out there 650 front 700 rear

You may have seen posts from me over the last months talking about building this odd project, and I will say its taken a lot longer to start then I planned but then again I wasn't expecting my life to change so much in the last year an a half as well, so come along for the journey of a completly 100% concept project that will twist your mind and have you asking for more!


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