Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some fun for you while I work hard

So when I build motorcycles I really only have one guy take photos of my bikes because he is one of the best and most recognized motorcycle photographers in the world.

If you have picked up a Harley magazine of some type you have for sure seen photos of Steve Kelly.

So over the last few years I have done many shoots with him both for my own bikes, Exile and other builds...

Here is small slice of the many shoots I have been involved in, see what you think.....

Oh, and if your wondering what I am working on - like every year its that time again for Burningman and my shop is filled with odd creatures and projects from everyone and their twin brother.....

Remember about 2 months ago when I built the gas tank and welded this rusty machine with Blake at Exile Cycles
See my older post ( 2 months ago )

As many of you know - I am like a star in every other country but the USA 
I feel your pain David Hasselhoff and your over seas popularity 
This is photos of my Pabst Blue Ribbon Harly Dragster.

Heres an good old photo of my brother Jason Tiedeken and I
This was the good old Metal Morphosis days when we built motorcycles in Minnesota
I was really young in the photo and using my fake ID to take those twins out on dates
My brother still runs Metal Morphosis Engineering and I have MLS as a separate company but in the end we are still working together and building some crazy things... 

The Harley Twins with our Metal Morphosis Cycles 1968 Harley Sportster.
This was both of our first attempts at building Harleys - caught some of the right eyes in the industry 
The thing also had one of the craziest vintage Harley race motors I have riden and you shifted it with your hand behind your ass, Jockey Shifting Death Machine

This is a Exile Hot Rod with reproduction 1970s Harley Shovel motor we built at Exile like 4 years ago
The girls not bad either.

This was a bike we built on Discovery Channel's Biker Build off for Exile to battle against Billy Lane's Choppers Inc. 
This was the first time I really got thrown in front of the lights and cameras full time, then told to build stuff and don't look like a idiot because the WORLD is watching!!!
Dylan and I made those pipes in like a few hours - I am still proud of them

This is a bike that I built a few years ago for Adam Stark from Hollywood.
He is shorter and needed something special without the look of having a small bike so I did a drop seat Harley Sportster. At the time I was doing research and development for Edelbrock (the auto company) and so I got a crazy deal on the motor which kicked out about 100 HP, also one of the first bikes my brother made me build completely by myself which really sucked. 

Ok with about 100 HP its easy to get in trouble, I remember doing this photo shoot burnout down the main street in Malibu, CA and saying S%*# as this photo was taken because there was a cop sitting right there!!

All these photos were shot by Steve Kelly and are copy written.

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