Monday, August 15, 2011


Thanks first of all to the people that came out and gave me a high 5 !!

I was really taken back by the people that drove hours to come say hi, see the bikes and art, I hope I didn't let anyone down...

Over the whole night we had almost 400 people come thru the good old Actual Cafe!!!!

The employees loved those tips!!!!

Like I told you in the last post that I would be easy to find with my used car salesman brown suite, and let me tell you, I know it was a fire hazard but it was well worth wearing it!!

Jon Suzuki sold a whole bunch of great photos he took around Oakland and else where, some of the photos were very cool like the old Schwinn photos..
Jon Suzuki had some great photos up on display
My personal favorite was the one in the middle of the chainguard on the Schwinn Racer

The big Penny Farthing up on display for the kids and it is still at the Cafe if you are in the area.

The speed bike is still up on display until my body heals up from the last crash.

Setting up for the show while we waited to see what Mike Cleaver who rolled up with a super rad late night build - A kick ass BMX CycleTruck cargo bike that could do bar spins !!! He also rolled up with a super cool bright Pink cargo bike.
 I also had my custom 1938 Schwinn New World track racer with a custom race mechanic stand ( I need to do a photo shoot with that set up).

To close this post - Let me show you the best USED CAR SALESMAN in the Bay Area and for you Californians, NO its not Cal Worthington

Just rolled up on the 1938 Schwinn Superior to a photo by the Oakland North news, Matt Ducot is in the background locking up laughing at me like normal.

Want more info and pictures check out the Oakland North they are hip with the news

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