Monday, November 28, 2011

A busy Thanksgiving.....

Thanksgiving like most years was spent working....

This time I got a call last minute on the day before Thanksgiving telling me that I was needed for building stuff for a movie ( name no given at this current time ) and needed to be in LA in a few hours to start work.

So I took a small jet down to LA, why not?

Leaving Oakland at 8pm Wednesday and showing up in LA shortly after I was brought to the laser cutters at 10pm to start the weekend adventures...

Note : if you walk thru an airport with no luggage and just a welding helmet, people think you are on a tv show for some reason. don't ask why?

My only thing in hand....

Trust me it was a little chartered jet
just me and 30 of my most unknown friends headed to LA
To weld for a day, not bad way to travel.

I welded Thursday on movie stuff that needed to be loaded on a truck for a shoot that night and then Friday made a visit to Exile Cycles to work for the day on some new fun stuff Exile has coming out.
 I had to put down some welds to make the kids happy and collect the check. 

Blake asked what I was doing standing at the table, so here was my answer - 
"Self-timed photo, someone has to take the photo and you were busy so I set the self timer,
And quit making fun of me and I don't like getting hit in the face while I am sleeping on your couch even if you think its funny"

Blake Schossler from Exile and I on lunch break
If anyone is in the Los Angeles Valley (818) area they need to hit up Vicious Dogs!
Best Chicago dogs on the west coast. 
Anyone that knows me, knows I went to school to become a chef only for my 2 true loves
Donuts and Hotdogs. Thats why I have been going to this place for years

Hammering away welding at Exile most of the day Friday,  my ride to the airport showed up at about 4pm.... 

None other then my brother and his lady in the PreRunner race truck.
This truck is very special to my brother and I, because its got some serious history with us.

1993 Ford F150 - Metal Morphosis Engineering Rig #2 
This project is my brothers truck that got started maybe 7 or so years ago between him and I.
Its been a fun learning tool for both of us because we built just about everything, at that time when we started we had more time then money, It was such a fun learning project for me fab-wise.  

As you can see...
The top of the truck is a soft top
The reason...
I rolled it a few times crushing the metal top 
so I had to repay my brother in fab work for wrecking it
Sorry for that....

 Custom mount my brother designed for a cheap Craftsman jack , Aluminum Fuel Cell ( old blog post ) and other stuff.

One of my first big welding projects year and years ago was these I-beams for the suspension
I Mig welded them and my brother machined all the parts. 
Still look at them and remember how nervous I was about them working and looking good. 

Had to post the picture of my brother as some repayment for rolling it and plus the hours he has worked on it to make it such a rad rig to beat up in the desert. 
Maybe this funny photo will make him famous and he will forget about me rolling the truck so many times. 
Racing to the airport, Bandit style! 
Back to Oakland for meetings and more building !

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