Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day in the office.....

The Pullmax
This machine is straight up one of the coolest machines out there. 

Designed really in the early days for one task - to cut circles out of sheet metal..
It holds a piece of sheet metal on a pad or point located deep in the throat of the machine, 
 next the operator spins the sheet around that point or pad, the machine eats the square piece in to a perfectly round circle ready for metal spinning or what ever.
This machine is set up for cutting circles with the yellow holder, this is the center of the circle for the cutter. 

Later down the road in the 1950s or something like that, the aerospace monkeys started thinking what if we made shrinking, stretching, doming and all kinds of weird dies for it,  the goal not trying to not cut the metal but to crush it and move it around.

It became a very important tool in every aircraft factory from then on... Thanks guys

I started out with a flat piece of copper 16g and just started doming it in to a bowl, the final product is ___________, maybe I will fill in the blanks later. Sorry I didn't notice the saw in front of the machine. 

I think Jesse James really put this machine on the map when he decided to show it on Discovery Channel while building a gas tank, well, he at least did one thing... He made them so in demand, that no one could afford one anymore, so I have to go over to my friend Darrel's shop down the street to use his Pullmax machine...
Thanks Jesse 

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  1. What's going on with the hub stear bike? It has been awhile.