Monday, December 19, 2011

100,000 people and counting.....

First thing .....

Thanks to the readers for making MLS a fun project for me and being interested enough to come around and check it out. For a lot of people 100k people viewing my blog doesn't seem like a lot of people but when your from a small town in Minnesota with population of only a few thousand people, 100k seems like a lot! 
well for you electronic nerds, a 100k resistor, kinda like the amount of page hits but not really.

Its getting close to Xmas as well so happy holidays to everyone and that means my normal quick escape back to Minnesota to make me realize how cold the earth can be for 5+ months of the year.

It was the Fwod' girls bicycle club's Sadie Hawking bike ride.
Classic style for Sadie Hawking dance or ride, 
the lady asks out the dude so, 
I got asked on the ride by Sanja and had a blast riding Oakland and Alameda. 

Oh Boy....
One project at a time, but this one ended up in my hand 
and I couldn't say NO
Hydrogen Fuel cells all ready to go...!!!!!
Did someone say Futuristic BoardTracker from 2050?
Expect some madness no one has ever seen with the
 titanium sheet metal.
I started drawing it in Solidworks... Electric 36ers front and rear ??
You are going to have to nail bite for a while on this one... 


  1. Thanks for showing us your work. I work in the highest levels of motorsports and I can say that your ingenuity and quality is awesome.

    Keep the cool blog and awesome work coming.

    Socal CF's Bro MF

  2. Actually that is 1 million give or take 5%(the gold band)
    100k would only have one black line.
    yeah, I am kind of a nerd.

  3. If you have a fuel cell to spare, I like the idea of a fun e-assist bike too...

    Or collaboration, mayhaps?

  4. Actually that's a 100k 1% resistor. That's a brown band indicating 1% tolerance, not a gold band indicating 5%. You can tell it's a 1%er because it has five bands total instead of the usual four.

    Your more common, less precise resistor would look like:

    1. I was testing your skills and you are correct, ha ha I knew that all along, once again proving don't trust google image searches first results...