Monday, April 16, 2012

A day in the life....

Patrick 360 brought over the camera the other day and did a quick shoot around the shop while I was working on some camera rigs and rails also teaching Gabe, my new helper some tricks around the shop.

Enjoy - Thanks Patrick

Working in the shop on the new steady cam rig and rails
Testing it on a short section of rail

Just email Bruce Gordon bicycles and ask what this sticker means...

StrongHand Tools sent me some rad tools
Starting to fall in love with these On/Off magnets for prototyping parts.
Think they work the best for preventing stuff from falling off the table..

Just the start of a camera rail and rubber drive wheels

Finishing up robot parts on the Di Acro press 
over lunch time...

Not a clue whats going on here...

Gabe - working on the cold saw
I have paid my dues on the floor...

Teaching Gabe about setting up the tooling for CAT 40 and how to run the mill.

Put him to work making parts

How about some quick parts on the Sheldon Lathe

Back in the fab shop making sparks

its getting longer

Tacking up the steady cam mounts.

Honey I'm Home...

Product placement - $$$

Young Gabe didn't believe me, you can party with these girls

Tig welding party

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