Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My 250th Blog post

I got a bunch of emails today about an article that came out on 45dgree.com, a cool motorcycle website.

Its funny when articles come out like this from projects I did years back, I think I was working for Edelbrock Automotive doing product development at the time of this photos and doing night time fab work for Roland Sands Design.

 oh, the good old days. Doesn't seem like much has changed... still working 24/7 building stuff I love...

Check it out - Great article and photos by Steve Kelly

Heres the link to the article on 45Dgree

This is the little sporty I built for Adam Stark

Male Model ....  minus the beard

Close up of the mega tuned Edelbrock engine for this beast.

Malibu, CA

250 blog posts is a lot ..... Damn

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