Friday, April 2, 2010

U-lock tool released

well, here it is....

If you haven't seen it already on all the cool blogs around town, we let Kyle at Tracko take a peek at the U-lock tool but didn't expect the response we got today.

Here is some cool little things about it.

- Designed for the surly rider and their deep drop outs
- coming in at 20 grams lighter then a 15 mm Craftsman wrench
- 100% USA made by a very recognized machine shop
- Chrome tools are chromed by one of the most most recognized names in chroming ( Harley is their other customer)
- Broached Hex for the perfect socket fit on the axle nuts
- The production pieces will be die stamped ( like a coin ) with a everlasting imprint of the "15mm".
- Patent Pending
-  OnGuard Bulldog locks replaces one yellow cap
- Fits Evo and Gray Kryptonite locks

The first run will be shipping out end of next week so expect this one on your evo or bulldog lock soon.
They are getting the 15mm stamp put in them tomorrow, then off to polish and chrome in downtown Los Angeles!

We are always designing new things and working on new projects as you can see by the blog, which in turn keeps us super super busy, so we left this tool to be distributed by Tom Hall Ent. making it really easy to purchase at just about any bike shop across the globe.

The goal is a tool with a rider in mind, Dan, Brie and I have been testing this tool for over a year and we feel like we have covered all the bases and its time to make it available to other riders.

Not to bad at 100 grams
20 lighter then a Craftsman wrench

Plus you don't have to carry it


  1. So where do I buy it?

  2. They are for sale all over the internet and at shops around the world.

    This is the crew at ImiNusd and they sell a lot of them, or LA Brakeless has them as well listed on their site.

  3. Where are the u-lock tools currently available and are they compatible with Palmy locks?

  4. Yes, you need to trim some of the rubber covering on the main cylinder and the shackle, but it works nicely.

  5. where can i find it?
    do you still do that fucking pieace of geniusly?