Thursday, March 1, 2012

My brother

My brother designs a lot of stuff and that is a true fact.

Every once and a while he gets an award for something cool he makes and so I throw some props on the blog for doing good work.

This year he got the motorcycle wheel of the year design for his design the Paramount wheel that is manufactured by Performance Machine.

If you know machining and how to make stuff then you will understand 
how hard this wheel is to make, but the industry demands it so it must be made!

My brother Jason Tiedeken and President of PM Mark Finnie
with the award for the wheel of the year

I don't know if you remember when my brother and I were working on this thing
Jun and my brother had most of it dialed in and I just did the finish welding on the pipes and everything.
Turned out great, and the girls not bad either !

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  1. Wow cool bike, that gold chain looks really good with the girl in gold.